Why Business Analysis?

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence professionals seek to help organizations identify where improvements can be made. They are tasked with gathering the data that analysts can then digest and act upon.

BI professionals can answer questions about how something happened, how often it happened, where a problem lies and what actions might be needed. Essentially, they deliver the information needed for data-driven decision making.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis professionals are tasked with enabling change within an organization by defining needs and formulating solutions for stakeholders. They help improve business performance by taking data provided by BI specialists and analyzing it to formulate plans to drive organizations forward.

BA professionals often work across multiple levels of an organization, and may perform such functions as defining strategy and program goals, developing enterprise architecture and supporting continuous improvement. They use data to define why something is happening, what will happen next and what measures can be taken to optimize results.

Why They Matter

As more organizations turn toward data-driven decision making, they need skilled professionals to help them not only gather data, but also to formulate strategies for acting upon that information. As a result, Business Intelligence and Business Analysis professionals are in high demand by organizations seeking to gather insights and formulate strategies in order to achieve organizational goals.

Business Intelligence has, in fact, become the top ranked IT priority for enterprise business leaders over the past few years, according to Redwood Capital. Practitioners in this field are helping businesses secure the data necessary to drive revenue, increase profit margins and enhance competitiveness. BA specialists, meanwhile, are also required to translate the data into actionable plans.

More organizations are using technology and analysis to tap into the benefits of real-time data for real-time decision making.

Gaining an Edge

Advanced certificates in Business Analysis and Business Intelligence can position professionals to help their organizations gain the benefits of a data-driven strategy. A BI certificate is ideal for IT professionals who want to gain skills in data collection and analysis. BA certificates are a great fit for those with a keen ability to analyze data and a knack for strategizing action.

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